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Welcome to yOur Project

Introducing Crypto's 1st
Community-Led Token


Com-Dev's Get Paid with 1% tax 

"I've never seen anything like this. The impact of the model is visible across the entire can feel the passion of the



"This thing is primed to many ways to get more reflections. You've made me a believer in growth-tokenomics :) "


"These folks are so brutally open. No secrets, you get it straight, good news or bad...So refreshing!"


"My safe-place in Crypto and the most mature & respectful telegram I've ever seen. Keep up the great work Com-Devs!"


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Tired of Rugpulls & Lazy Dev's ?

Frustrated by Whales & Manipulators ?

Turned Off by Rude Communities ?

So were We! 

That's why we came together to create Waddle (CST), The first community-led project in the industry. By starting our journey with a Community-Dev Team, up to 32 strong, our project is positioned to have the stamina, resources and specialized skill sets needed to move a project from concept to a globally accepted currency.

Waddle (CST) was designed as
Anti-Whale from the start and has innovative 8% Buy - 16% Sell tax to ensure the project and its community support pools(CSPs) are fueled for sustained & strategic growth. At Waddle, when members shill, create memes or fulfill vital project roles & tasks, they are rewarded for their efforts with with Waddle tokens.

We designed our project with values & purpose from the start. Join us in telegram where a genuine & sincere community that values
Respect, Honesty and Love is waiting to welcome you with open arms. We built Waddle for the community and have excluded whales our journey.

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Join the Conversation

Come see why everyone is talking about Waddle (CST). Meet the team,  ask questions, and see what Community is all about. 

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Review and analyze our Charts, Dive into our contracts and check out our Audits

Checkout our Roadmap, review Tokenomics & Supply,  and look into Waddle (CST) planned Utilities. Better yet, suggest one!

Kick the

Project Vision &



Innovative 8/16 Tax

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3% Reflections to Holders that increases to 12% on large sells. The remaining taxes fuel our 6 community support funds designed to empower liquidity, marketing, community involvement, and project growth.  

Get Paid & Rewards

You name it, we reward it!

Promoting our project, creating memes, writing content, translating banner ads, fostering our telegram or leading a support fund, are just some of the many growth-focused tasks & roles that our holders can do to earn more tokens. 

Become a Com-Dev

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Put your positive energy & passion to work by picking up one of the many vital project roles & tasks. If you have a good attitude, willing to learn, and want to split that 1% pot every week, we could use your help! 

100% Anti-Whale

  • 16% Sell tax

  • An extra 8% whale tax will be added on sells over 200b in 24 hrs.

  • 100% of whale-tax goes to holders

  • No wallet can own more than 1.5%

  • Stealth-Launch 

Dox'd & Audited

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Come meet our Dev, or as they like to be called, Custodians. They are real humans, imperfect yet sincere, and serve our community and goals daily.

Dive into our audits and feel free to review our transaction reports that we make available for review. 

Liquidity Locked

Our LP is locked from the start. Our Dev and Com-Dev are on vests tied to protect performance and market cap. 
All our wallet transactions are made available, and we happily answer the community's information requests in chat and in our weekly AMA's

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Local Charity

Crypto can do more than just be an investment. We love that our community identifies & selects great causes & charities making a difference that need some help.

Our donations are always on a local community level so that we can see the impact almost immediately. 

Weekly AMA's

We are personal, social and interactive. 

Join our weekly AMA's to ask questions, suggest improvements and help us shape our future! 

Our Utility: Support Local Coin

Our planned utility, Support Local Coin will be the first 100% Collateralized Stable Coin reserved only for small businesses & Individuals. Local Coins goal is to create a commerce ecosystem where local shoppers, small businesses and the communities they live in, are rewarded for shopping locally and supporting our  Mom & Pop businesses.

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