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Introducing Our Concept of Community Support Pools (CSP’s)

In all, there are 6+ Community Support Pools to be rolled out over the course of several weeks, that are automatically supported & funded by Waddle’s 8% Buy and 16% Sell Tax.

Supporting a Healthy team – Say Hi to Community-Dev

Because so many hopeful cryptocurrency projects are abandoned by burned-out developers, we’ve thought long and hard about how to set Waddle CST up for success as a long-term project.


That means we need a solid team of developers sharing the workload right from the start. This will ensure that developers have time to rest and lead with fresh, clear minds.


In addition to the core team of developers, up to 32 members of the community will also become part of the team before, during and after launch to help drive the project forward.

1% of every sell transaction will go to the Community-Dev CSP to compensate Community-Developers every week for their time and effort.

0.5% of every sell transaction will go to the Community-Dev Wallet CSP, where Community-Dev dictates how funds are spent on marketing initiatives

Don’t do the marketing work for free! Get rewarded for It!  Promote & Grow CSP

We don’t like the world shill. It sounds like unpleasant work. Plus, what’s in it for you?

We believe you should be rewarded for spreading the word about Waddle CST

promote and grow.png

1% of every sell transaction will go to the Promote & Grow CSP that rewards our community members who spread the word

Calling all creators! Deliver Content & get Rewarded
Content Generation CSP

rocket ride_edited.png

If social media promotion isn’t your thing, then you can create content for people to share on social media!

We reward those who create the content that empowers the community. From memes to banner ads, operational statements of procedure(SOPs) to graphic and video production, each day or week requests will come from Dev & Community-Dev.

Through a mix of lottery and community voting, winners will be rewarded with the CSP built up since the last award.

1% of every sell transaction will go to the Content Generation CSP to weekly compensate those that create the content that fuels our Project.

Weekly bonfires to Burn Supply and protect our Token Price
Burn or Win CSP

Burning supply never hurts. Nor do prizes to Strangers & MVPs for their amazing work that week.

Each week on Friday nights, we’ll get together on video for a happy hour drink and roll of the dice – will we burn tokens or give them to some lucky winners?


1.5% of every sell transaction goes to the Burn or Win CSP.

Rewarding those that grow their Bags 
Investor Re-Buy CSP

rockets images.png

No project can truly scale successfully without devoted investors who hold long term and buy strategically in dips. Yet most projects flood telegrams with worthless noise, but really don’t show true love$ to this vital investment group. 

Anywhere from daily to weekly, this pool pays out to holders that increase their holding %. Although the style of competition may change from week to week, the purpose does not.

At Waddle CST,  we show Diamond hands love by rewarding them for growing their bags. Simple.


Waddle CST incentivizes long-term holding growth with 1% of every sell going to the Investor Re-Buy CSP. 

Let’s make a difference -  Waddle CST Foundation

Crypto can do more than just be an investment. We look forward to hearing from our community about great causes and charities making a difference that need some help.

Our donations are
always on a local community level so that we can see the impact almost immediately. 


1 % of every sell transaction goes to the Community Support Foundation CSP to fund smiles and meaningful change across the globe.

Standard Reflections & Tax - Dev & Marketing CSP

We’ll make mistakes, but we’ll be transparent about it. We can’t guarantee our marketing choices will be home runs each time, but our marketing wallets will be transparent so you can see how we spend and how much it helped the project

1% of every buy and sell transaction will go to the Developer Marketing CSP so that we can work with the vendors, platforms and advertisers that will help us scale and get our message out to the world.

1% of each sell transaction will go to the Developer Tech CSP. This wallet is purely for tech development including website function, mobile apps and the many utilities we have planned for 2022.

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