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Our Shared History

The concept of the Waddle CST (1st Project of the Community Support Brand) was born out of the frustration many growing cryptocurrency communities face. Burned out developers who are stretched too thin to really take a token to the next level. That leaves frustrated investors who take losses, although the initial concept of the project was sound.

Although many of these projects don’t make it, the communities that build up around them remain strong.

But finding safe cryptocurrency projects to invest in has become increasingly more difficult. Rugpulls and delayed honeypots are so frequent, many investors stand on the fringes of the cryptocurrency space because of fear.

We know what that fear is like. We’ve lost money to heartless scammers, and we know the pain of that loss. Because of those experiences, we’ve committed to make Waddle CST radically transparent from what you normally see.

Our developers will be openly doxxed, and we commit to making decisions through our community. We’re here to grow a long-term project that has a genuine, real-world use case that is a feasible and profitable choice for investors.

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