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Global Challenge - Our Solution


Today, whether in Crypto or on Main Street, the average investor, small business owner and consumer, stands little chance against powerful players, manipulated markets/pricing and the constant deluge of disinformation.


Waddle  (CST) aims to level the playing field and put the power of crypto investment & main street commerce back in the hands of the majority. 

Through the introduction of Innovative concepts like Tokenocmic-Led-Growth, Community-Dev, Radical Transparency, we believe Waddle CST will lastingly change the token landscape.

Through our planned utility, Support Local Coin the first 100% Collateralized Stable Coin* reserved only for small businesses & Individuals.

We aim to disrupt the local-commerce landscape. We are laser-focused on becoming the 1st Universally Accepted Currency by Small Businesses for products & services and believe we will easily become a Top10 crypto on our journey to that goal. 

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