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Introducing Our Concept of Tokenomic-Led Growth

Taking a token from the world of Meme’s to the promised land is no easy feat. An attractive concept, mobilized community, strategic content and marketing, committed investors and an agile, professionally-managed operation are just some of the requirements to even have a chance.

Yet, 80% of meme coins enter the market as hobby projects. They’re typically run by part-time developers who have bitten off more than they planned for.  They hide in anonymity and lack vision and the ability to plan long-term. Waddle CST overcomes these issues by clearly mapping out our goals and a plans to achieve them and incorporating them into the Tokenomics of the Token.

One of the key elements of this project is the
Community Support Pools (CSP’s) where the Technomic's itself is designed to help move the project to success – Tokenomic-Led Growth

This is a concept we’re pioneering to ensure the token is set up to succeed regardless of who’s at the helm. These pools represent important areas that a project needs to be successful: liquidity, marketing, community involvement and project growth.

These pools are meant to help empower community members, fund growth projects over time, and give community members a chance to gain more passive income by helping the project’s ongoing marketing.


Waddle CST Support Funds (CSPs) Fuel Growth

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