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Support Local Coin

Our planned utility, Support Local Coin will be the first 100% Collateralized Stable Coin reserved only for small businesses & Individuals. Local Coins goal is to create a commerce ecosystem where local shoppers, small businesses and the communities they live in, are rewarded for shopping local first. 

For Consumers & Shoppers

  • Earn Tokens for Shopping Local with independent SMBs

  • Get free products & services for filling up your Punch card

  • Get the best Deals & Coupons in town offered by participating SMBs

  • Buy Local Coin with App or with cash at participating SMBs

  • Trade Local Coin for Waddle CST or other Crypto's 

  • Find Local Events & get the latest local news

  • Send & Receive Local Coin with friends and SMBs

  • Keep your Rewards or donate them to a participating local Charity.

  • Buy Discounted Gift Cards from participating Merchants for yourself or send them as gifts through our App. 

  • By using Local Coin, more revenues stay in your local community, empowering the people, businesses and non-profit organizations in your hometown. 


For Small Businesses

  • Local Consumers want to support their communities. By being listed on our App, they know that their spending stays in the community.

  • Attract new local customers with Deals and Coupons

  • Retain customers with punch cards and rewards 

  • Cut Merchant processing costs by up to 90%

  • Discounts on your deals can go to the consumer or a charity of their/your choice. 

  • Move excess inventory with special offers

  • Earn Fees for accepting cash and loading consumers local coin funds. 

  • Get discounts and build relationships with other SMBs in our Online-Chamber 

  • Monitor your transactions and request batch to USD any time with flat batch-fee and 0% commissions

  • Alert customers of news, events and specials you have with a click of a button. 

  • No technology investment needed. Staff can download the SMB app and you can control their privileges in your Dashboard. 

  • Get cash & Waddle CST token rewards for onboarding new consumers

For Local Communities & Charities

  • Local Communities win when more commerce stays within the community. 

  • Grow the local tax base by promoting the Waddle App

  • With our donate locally function, more shoppers will send their donations close to home

  • Local Coin App brings SMBs together and gives them the power to compete together against large corporations encroaching on main street

  • Local Governments can promote their events, news and causes FREE OF CHARGE on the app. 

  • Accept multiple payment forms for goods and services

  • Local Charities gain new donators they can target in the future. 

  • Local Charities can promote themselves and their events FREE OF CHARGE on the app. 

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