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Our Shared History

The concept of the Waddle (CST) (1st Project of the Community Support Brand) was born out of the frustration many growing cryptocurrency communities face. Burned out developers who are stretched too thin to really take a token to the next level. That leaves frustrated investors who take losses, although the initial concept of the project was sound.

Although many of these projects don’t make it, the communities that build up around them remain strong.

But finding safe cryptocurrency projects to invest in has become increasingly more difficult. Rugpulls and delayed honeypots are so frequent, many investors stand on the fringes of the cryptocurrency space because of fear.

We know what that fear is like. We’ve lost money to heartless scammers, and we know the pain of that loss. Because of those experiences, we’ve committed to make Waddle (CST) radically transparent from what you normally see.

Our developers will be openly doxxed, and we commit to making decisions through our community. We’re here to grow a long-term project that has a genuine, real-world use case that is a feasible and profitable choice for investors.

Supporting a Healthy team – Say Hi to Community-Dev

Because so many hopeful cryptocurrency projects are abandoned by burned-out developers, we’ve thought long and hard about how to set Waddle (CST) up for success as a long-term project.


That means we need a solid team of developers sharing the workload right from the start. This will ensure that developers have time to rest and lead with fresh, clear minds.


In addition to the core team of developers, up to 32 members of the community will also become part of the team before, during and after launch to help drive the project forward.

1% of every sell transaction will go to the Community-Dev CSP to compensate Community-Developers every week for their time and effort.

0.5% of every sell transaction will go to the Community-Dev Wallet CSP, where Community-Dev dictates how funds are spent on marketing initiatives

Our Values

Communities thrive when there is love, respect, patience and acceptance for all humankind. We’re building a community where everyone feels safe.


•You can’t go two sentences without using profanity

•You need to show off your knowledge and skills by belittling others

•You mock others for their comments, choices, race, religion,  nationality, politics, gender or creed

•You hate on sellers for selling their investments

•You can't summon patience for “normies” and new investors

•You carry yourself in a manner your Mom/Dad wouldn’t be proud of.

Do not invest in this project if you:

Let’s make a difference -  Waddle CST Foundation

Crypto can do more than just be an investment. We look forward to hearing from our community about great causes and charities making a difference that need some help.

Our donations are
always on a local community level so that we can see the impact almost immediately. 


1 % of every sell transaction goes to the Waddle CST Foundation CSP to fund smiles and meaningful change across the globe.

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